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This Inaugural Lee Kim Tah Lecture honours the work done by the late Mr Lee Kim Tah.  During his lifetime, Mr Lee Kim Tah was enthusiastic in promoting education and donated generously towards charitable work; and contributed a great deal to society. In 1980 he formed the Lee Kim Tah Foundation so as to make contributions to social welfare sustainable in the long term.  In this Inaugural Lecture, a four component life course approach for prevention of dementia is presented, consisting of intensive lifestyle change; high risk disease control; social connection & productive activities; and cognitive development through participating in active ageing activities.  There is strong evidence in intensive in intensive lifestyle change in the primary prevention of dementia. The other three components add to the preventive efficacy. It is also important to note that intensive lifestyle change also prevents diabetes which is the top disabling disease with the greatest number of years lost to disability. We seek to not only to live longer, we also seek to live disease-free lives. A life course approach of the 4 components is the way.

This poster won 1st Prize at the World Congress of Internal Medicine at Seoul 2014

Professor Rajeev Kumar

TaRA@JP (Training and Reseach Academy at Jurong Point) officially opened its doors on 15 Jan 2011. Mr Lim Boon Heng, Minister in Prime Minister's Office (former), was invited to grace the occasion. Located in the hub of Jurong West's shopping mall, TaRA@JP aims to be the premier centre in research of early childhood intervention for children with special needs, and elderly dementia and depression.

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Our Visitors

Prof. Bradley Hyman from Harvard University visited TaRA @JP on 30 Oct 2014.